Agile Application Development


We believes that every project needs to be handled differently and the existing methods need to be tailored to best suit the project requirements. One of the best ways to adapt quickly to change in technology is to adopt the principles of Agile development. By doing so, organizations can remain competitive and deterrent in costs.

Our team uses popular Agile methodologies for large scale programs for accelerated software delivery. This helps us to guarantees lower costs, greater productivity and fewer defects.

Assesment And Planning

Services range from assessing readiness to developing recommendations and road maps for continuous improvement.

Product Development

Our experts guide project teams to implement a tailored Agile approach based on their organization and culture. We offer expertise in Scrum, feature driven development, Prototyping etc.

Enterprise Transformation

Our Agile experts collaborate with clients to craft a unique strategic approach based on the existing framework. We recommend a starting point for organizations looking to achieve a higher level of efficiency, improve time to market and increase stakeholder satisfaction.

Following is a description of some of the agile practices we use.

Pair Programming

Two heads are better than one, right? We write code in teams of two craftsmen. We pair program for many reasons, among them are: quality assurance, knowledge distribution amongst the team. We also don’t have teams that are less than two developers. Software is written better when there is a diversity of thought in which is expressed by the team members.

Iteration Meetings

Iteration meetings are the heart of a StrategyBeach project, introducing new stories and requirements into the software development process on a set schedule. There are three stages to an iteration meeting: demonstrations, estimations, and the planning.

Our Services
  • School Management System
  • Microsoft .NET Development
  • Mobile Applications
  • WordPress
  • Open Source